Sunday, 16 December 2012

Inspiration for our film

These images inspired our film because we wanted to set the scene like this room and make the room dark. We decided to set our scene like this because it was easier to show the 180 degree rule with our chairs opposite each other.
TV programmes like the bill and Eastenders also inspired us because we decided to leave the end of the film on a cliff hanger and it was also set in a police station.

Location and set

The images above show where we decided to film and how we set the room out. In the film we also used black paper to cover the windows with and block out the light in the room; this helped make the room look more like an interagation room at a police station. 

Mood and costumes

The mood progression for our play was quit serious as it was a murder investigation.We also used dark lighting to help set the mood and to also create the effect of an actual police question room.The characters had a pen and some paper to make the scene more realistic as this would have happened in a police station.

The costume on the left was my costume. I wore this because it made me look smart and as though I was in charge. It also helped show that I was a police officer as Bradley's costume was more casual and showed that he was just a normal person.  

Monday, 10 December 2012

Pre-Production Film

 For our shooting schedule we made a story board which had 12 slides to it. The  story board below explains what camera angles we used and what we said. In each slide it explained what camera angles we were going to use and what dialogue was going to be in it. We did this so that when it came to filming we knew what we were doing and could go straight into filming instead of wasting time trying to think of ideas.

Roles And Responsibilities

My role when filming was to move the camera around and to put it into the angles we needed. Bradley's role when filming was to film me walking up to the door and through the door. He also helped me move the camera around to get the right angles.

Story Board

The pictures and text below are our story boads and explain what is happening in each scene.