Monday, 4 February 2013

The lost asylum- Props

Props will be used such as fake blood, torches and a phone.

Opening Sequence- The Lost Asylum- Rating

We decided to rate our film as a 15 because we thought that it could be too scary for a child to watch and that it might contain swear words which wouldn't be suitable for any one under 12.

Opening Sequence Of A Film- The Lost Asylum

For our opening scene we decided to set it in a corridor. This is because it would create a creepy affect and that we could play with the lighting.
The main plot of this film will be a girl who had committed suicide as she has been sent to an asylum. This is because she has tried to kill her baby; all of these scenes are set in the early 50s which then venture back into the 21st century. The opening scene will consist of the young women haunting the current owners of the asylum which then leads to police detectives entering the property, to help solve the reason why the women is still here.

Opening Sequence For A Film Ideas

For our opening sequence of a film we decided to look at the genre of horror. We decided that we wanted to do horror because we had inspiration from other films such as the exorcist and the possession. These films helped give us the idea of basing our opening scene on a poltergeist.

 We also did some research on the enfield poltergeist; this helped us learn what the poltergeist did as well as give us ideas on how we could present it.

Opening Sequence Of A Film Introduction

For our final project we have to do a two minute opening of a film. For this we has to look at different genres and different films in order to help us plan the opening of the film. We also had to look at a target audience in which the we had to decide who the film was suitable for. In my group I have Jess, Hannah and Bradley and together we decided to do a horror film.