Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Problems We Faced!

The problems we faced when filming our music video is that we didn't have a real bar to film it in or we didn't have main props. The props we needed were things like a sugar glass bottle which we would have used to hit someone over the head with. This meant that we would have to use another prop such as glitter or beads to thrown to give the same effect but going against the actual music video.  The other problem was the setting; this was because we would have to make or find a set which would look similar to the bar scene in 'we are young.'
Another problem we faced was that we need lots of people to appear as background people in our music video. This was a problem because they were all camera shy or couldn't be bothered to be in the music video. This meant that we had to use the people who wanted to be in it for both scenes and try to make it look as though their were more people when the music video went into a riot.

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